Summer Candy May Headwear Gacha

Comfort Cake (R)
Premium Mouth Headwear

Equipped Attributes
Max HP+200
M ATK+10

Stored Attributes
Max HP+30

Desserts are fantastic, although they're high on the calories. You can be both satiated and in good shape if you trick yourself with a comfort cake. A product of black technology, it looks and tastes like a delicious strawberry cake, but contains nothing but air. However, as long as your senses believe it's a cake, that's what matters right?

Bashful Moment [1](SSR)


Equipped Attributes
All Attributes +2
DMG to monsters (including MVP and Mini monsters) +10% 
When Refine +6, DMG to MVP and Mini Monsters +5%

Stored Attributes

Dearest Teddy Bear, please close your eyes and give us a moment as I share this handmade candy with my love.

Licorice Magic Bubble Wand (SR)

Equipped Attributes
 FullyMouth  restore HP every 120 seconds
When the caster's HP drops below 50%, Skill DMG Reduc. +10%

Stored Attributes
Max HP+120

It's not just a tasty snack; you can also blow sweet bubbles with this and watch a joyous dance in the air.

Sugar Content Uncertainty (SR)
Face Headwear

Equipped Attributes
Damage to all races +5%
With any three of the six attributes (STR, AGI, VIT, INT, DEX, and LUK) reaching 159, there's a 5% chance of gaining bonus 20 Zeny upon killing a target 

Stored Attributes

Life is like a gachapon machine spinning forever. The tastiest of treats lie within, but you never know if you'll be rewarded with it one day. Then again, isn't that where the fun lies?

Teddy's Kiss[1](R)

Equipped Attributes
 INT +3
M. DEF Ignore +3%

Stored Attributes
Max HP+60

Why is Teddy Bear the greatest friend to sweets? If you don't know, I'll put on this headband and whisper the answer into your ear.

Sweet Starluna (R)
Back Headwear

Equipped Attributes
 Move SPD +3%
Max HP +300

Stored Attributes

O, scepter of hidden confectionary, show me your true power and bestow this adventurer with some sweet treats!

Lady Cocoabean
Tail Headwear

Equipped Attributes
 LUK +2
Crit. DMG +2%

Stored Attributes

Max HP+60

Lady Cocoabean is tender and sweet, always willing to give out delicious cocoa beans to those who ask nicely. Don't worry about weight gain; happiness is its own reward!

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