Updates for the SummerFest Double Rewards (19-25 July) Event

Dear Adventurers,

We heard from some of you that the double rewards event did not work properly earlier this morning, and we managed to find a small configuration error in the system. Thanks to the alerts, the problem had since been fixed at 0922HRS (GMT+7). Here is a list of updates for the event.

  1. Double Rewards for Mission Board will start tomorrow instead, starting from 20 July 05:00HRS to 26 July 05:00HRS (GMT+7).
  2. Players who have yet challenged the Endless Tower and Oracle Dungeon may continue to do so from 19 July 0500HRS to 25 July 05:00HRS (GMT+7). For players who are affected by the incident and did not receive double rewards, in-game compensation will be provided to each and every player:
    • Endless Tower Compensation
      • Affected players: All players who climbed 10 floors or more on 19 July between 0500HRS to 0922HRS (GMT+7)
      • Compensation: 3,000,000 Zeny
    • Oracle Dungeon Compensation
      • Affected players: All players who participated in the Oracle Dungeon on 19 July between 05:00HRS to 0922HRS (GMT+7)
      • Compensation: All players who received special materials (Oracle Dust, Oracle Crystal, Gram Dust, Nolan Card) from the Oracle Dungeon will receive an additional 1x materials

The compensation will be credited to our affected players through the in-game mail on 20 July.  Thank you for your understanding.

RO:M Operations Team

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