Known Bugs 9 Apr, 2021

Under Investigation/Pending

  • After equipping Horn of the Watcher, single target skill attack to "Hidden enemy" does not deal any damage, only AOE skill will deal damage
  • Crafting Material tracking is not showing any monster list that drop the material
  • Issue with Cryptura Academy dungeon for certain classes (Doram & Warlock) not able to kill Klulu.
  • Merchant Class (Mechanic and Genetic) both have issues completing Cryptura Academy dungeon. When inside the dungeon, job skill is not auto added to the skill shortcut.
  • Issue with Job/Multi-job
  • Unable to switch Multi-job
  • Skill Tree is grey out and unable to add skill for some job
  • Skill point and guild contribution got lowered
  • Event Banner 1 , 2, and 3 navigation is wrong, it re-directs the player to the Prontera fountain
  • Game lag/delay during WOE/WOC
  • Shadow Wave skill animation is not displaying after skill cast
  • Missing [Shuriken] Weapon Monster Size penalty Info in Traveler's Notes
  • Skill [Suffragium] indefinite casting issue when in a party
  • When selecting appearance orchestra rising star headwear and silent sinking face accessory, the hair at the back of the head will disappear
  • Phantom Dancer class where [Strip Accessory] skill and [Strip Shield] skill break [Vanished] skill stealth buff.
  • The objective window in 6v6 will at times be bugged with gibberish characters and missing numbers
  • AOE blue and red halos during 6v6
  • Random targeting system issue during 6v6
  • Phantom Dancer class - Plagiarism copy skill for "Novice Guardian's Eden Team Blessing" can't be included in Prepare for Elite skill
  • Transfer of enchant using Headwear Magic extractor causes Ignore M.Def% to increase indefinitely. This is just a visual bug and will not affect gameplay.
  • Evernight Weapon voucher does not have weapon skin cater for Little Savior class
  • Goblin Leader Revenant Card appearing in exchange under the accessory section. Goblin Leader Revenant Card is a weapon card.


  • Rainbow Poring Mount event end earlier than patch note stated date
  • Happy Egg Event(No quest/Missing NPC)
  • Blade Soul class where debuffs and negative statuses that were cast on them at the point of death during their skill [Knell], persists after death and respawn.
  • Chronomancers and Slayers are able to use Wormhole skill to get out from the barrier during the 6v6 60sec countdown
  • Map [Frost Domain] has not opened in Memory of Faith Server. Map [Maple Leaf Faramita] will be open on 15 Mar, the player will be able to complete the quest [Archive Materials] on 15 Mar onwards
  • Phantom Dancer class where [Deadly Infection] skill is not reflecting Chronomancer's [Space Silence] or [Space Field] stasis crowd control effects correctly
  • Wind Gentlemen and Snow Lady Costume cannot be deposit into the Adventure handbook
  • Quest [Topple the Stone Knight] not able to be completed
  • Scenery Goblin King, Haidamu crystal & Burning Morroc photo-taking issue
  • Maple Leaf Faramita minimap display issue
  • Photo album display picture and actual picture shown is different.
  • Twilight Fleet Series Outfit issue with Doram Class
  • 2 Easy Difficulty option at Oracle dungeon NPC Harrod
  • NPC [Violet] the Homeland Store is missing in Prontera
  • Minimap for 6v6 arena not showing teammates' dot positions.
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