27 May Patch Known Bugs

We noticed an influx of repayment issues and would like to address the situation.

Repayment issues are triggered due to refunds made to players' accounts and full payment is required to unsuspend your account.

Recent cases caused by refund abuse had left some players in despair especially during a peak period such as 12v12. It is advisable for players to always top-up using RO:M Official recharge channels only. 

We strongly discourage players from using unauthorized 3rd party top-up sources as there is always a risk of the account getting stolen or refund abuse. Be alert and stay clear from them.

  • Quest for Palace of Beauty did not appear 
  • Issue with progress reset for Palace of Beauty 
  • Prolonged loading time when switching characters
  • Players who signed in using Apple and received an error: "Complete payment for all refunded orders to access the game" will need to download using an Android device or emulator to get the repayment orders
  • Game crash issues after updating the latest game client
  • Players whose tickets disappeared after sending may report through the official RO:M SEA Facebook Page
    Facebook login issues
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