Known Bugs 25 May, 2021

Under Investigation

  1. Some players might be banned due to the trigger of the AI detection for abnormal activities. Please contact our Customer Service or tap on the [Appeal] button in-game for assistance. 
  2. Bugs encountered during 12V12 including:
    1. The creeps and MVPs are attracted to the 【Unskilful Hunter Doll】 when being used
    2. Player spawned at the enemy's base during countdown.
    3. The siege car and MVP stuck along the way to the towers. 
  3. During the start of 6v6, Chronomancer and Slayer are able to use 【Wormhole】 and【Befisu Bring】skills to teleport out of the start zone to gain a start advantage.
  4. Lag, game freeze and crashes Issues during WOC
  5. Game Setting for FPS Mode is now default set to "High", When the player changes it to "Low" and clicks "Save Setting". Changing character or restarting the game will change back to "High" FPS setting again. 
  6. Priest recommended equipment in Build Guide for Supp included item [Steel Boots] which Priest cannot equip
  7. Issue with Songkran Goggles unable to put up in Exchange
  8. Issue with Doram equipping Fresh Tuna Talisman and Original Will Talisman accessories causing the reduction of  cooldown for Tuna Party to stack. The intended effect is that only 1 accessory effect will reduce the cooldown of Tuna Party. 
  9. Soulblade class that uses"Back Sliding" will reveal their character from Hiding effect 
  10. Using bloodthirst skill causes abnormal damage counter to be displayed on DPS Ranking board
  11. With the recent GVG latency survey and few weeks of in-game testing, we were able to lock down areas of improvement for better GVG experience including (1) delays for casting of skills and buffs, (2) unable to see opponents in the war zone after changing map, (3) death at safe zone and (4) casted skills showed up as red and white halos instead of skill display effects. We will update further once the patches are ready.
  12. The screen rotation, 2.5D and 3D were locked for some maps during GVG
  13. God Artifacts' Returning/Distributing Notice translation issue
  14. Weapon Voucher [Moon Phases Record] does not have Weapon for Ninja Class 
  15. No special effect for Ninja weapon Shuriken for weapon costume
  16. Blueprint Material tracking does not appear on quest list
  17. After equipping Horn of the Watcher, single target skill attack to "Hidden enemy" does not deal any damage, only AOE skill will deal damage
  18. Merchant Class (Mechanic and Genetic) both have issue complete Cryptura Academy dungeons. When inside the dungeon, job skill is not auto added to the skill shortcut.
  19. Game lag/delay during WOE/WOC
  20. Shadow Wave skill animation is not displaying after skill cast
  21. Missing [Shuriken] Weapon Monster Size penalty Info in Traveller Notes
  22. Skill [Suffragium] indefinite casting issue when in a party
  23. When selecting appearance orchestra rising star headwear and silent sinking face accessory, the hair at the back of the head will disappear
  24. The objective window in 6v6 will at times be bugged with gibberish characters and missing numbers
  25. AOE blue and red halos during 6v6
  26. Random targeting system issue during 6v6
  27. Phantom Dancer class - Plagiarism copy skill for "Novice Guardian's Eden Team Blessing" can't be included in Prepare for Elite skill
  28. Transfer of enchant using Headwear Magic extractor causing Ignore M.Def% to increase indefinitely. This is just a visual bug and will not affect gameplay.
  29. Evernight Weapon voucher does not have weapon skin cater for Little Savior class
  30. Goblin Leader Revenant Card appearing in exchange under the accessory section. Goblin Leader Revenant Card is a weapon card.

Intended Behaviour

  1. Phantom Dancer class where [Deadly Infection] skill is not reflecting Chronomancer's [Space Silence] or [Space Field] stasis crowd control effects correctly
  2. Phantom Dancer class where [Strip Accessory] skill and [Strip Shield] skill break [Vanished] skill stealth buff.

Recent Resolved Issue

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