GUNSLINGER: Victory Through Firepower

There is a mysterious organization within the Republic of Schwarzwald.

Everyone within this group wears a mask and has a codename. The one they call "Tyrant" leads the organization, and everyone obeys his orders unquestioningly.

Some say he’s a bloodthirsty killer and a man-eating demon, while others say he’s a freedom-loving vigilante.

Either way, he is without a doubt the best gunman in the Republic (and according to some, the entire continent), and the one who forced the Rebellion’s surrender.

The adventurer is fated to start an extraordinary life as soon as they step onto the stage. Through some accident, they have gained the power of Grammer technology and inherited the codename ''Tyrant”.

Wielding the might of gunfire and backed by the power of Grammer technology, the gunslinger is poised to write a new chapter for the Rebellion!

The stage is set for Tyrant’s greatest performance to begin!

Loud gunshots from the Republic of Schwarzwald have shattered the deathly silence hanging over the Sealed Land!

Isle of Dreams will launch on 27 Aug, introducing, among many other features, the new Gunslinger class!

# About Gunslinger

In the design process we had a consensus: the Gunslinger is absolutely different from ADL classes like Stellar Hunters. Their firearms must have clear differences from the bow and arrow in terms of combat range and flexibility.

We shaped our design around these aspects, so that everyone would appreciate the unbelievable attack range and dexterous agility of the Gunslinger.

In addition to having attack skills that surpass visual range, Gunslingers are experts at detecting the enemy. They are able to use their firearms deftly, cast skills or attack while walking, and deploy a variety of long-range grenade skills.

Gunslingers from the Republic of Schwarzwald have a modern and sophisticated look. As befits their technological prowess, they also ride on gas-powered motorcycles. Servants to no one and untamed by society, the agile and accurate Gunslingers are unbeatable!

# How to change jobs to Gunslinger

Adventurers who have not used their account’s instant T3 quest can accept the Cryptura Academy mission to quickly become a Gunslinger. Otherwise, adventurers who are at least Base level 80 can change jobs through the multiclass system.

# Gunslinger job progression

Similar to the Ninja job progression, the Gunslinger has the following advancements:
Advanced T2: Gunslinger
T3: Rebel
T4: Tyrant 

# Reload, And Unleash the Gunslinger’s might!

Gunslingers are exclusively armed with pistols and rifles, both of which bring different gameplay advantages!

Given that they use ammunition-based weaponry, the Gunslingers’ attacks will cost bullets and require reloading. While there is an Autoreload passive skill, the best way to maximize the Gunslinger’s potential is to time your manual reloads carefully.

Pistol: Crossfire

Shoot continuously in a specified direction to deal AOE physical damage. Dexterity can increase skill damage and allow for longer attack duration.

Pistol: Dance of Death

Shoot continuously in a specified area to deal physical damage every 0.3 seconds, clearing all obstacles!

Rifle: Absolute Transpierce - Headshot

When Absolute Transpierce has been charged for a certain amount of time, a direct headshot has a chance to instantly kill a target! (Only effective in PVP/GVG)

Rifle: Precision Shot

Target an enemy and after a short charge, deal physical damage while ignoring the effects of Flee, Light Shield, Auto Guard, Sword Parry, Kyrie Eleison

 Taking Cover

A short duration after casting the skill, automatically enter [Hiding] state when approaching the periphery of the area.

As twilight fades into the darkest night, the Gunslinger ascends the stage, joining the rest of the guardians of this midsummer’s night dream.

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