27 Jan 2021 Patch Notes

27 Jan 2021 SEA Server Maintenance (11:00 - 17:00) GMT +7


1. Competition Time

  • The Tournament will run from 25 to 31 January (1 week).

2. Participation Rules

  • Tournament Mode is added to the Holy Ground War in pvp tab.
  • Recruitment period is on 25 Jan 0500HRS to 29 Jan 2359HRS GMT+7. Adventurers need to create or join a team to participate in the Tournament.
  • Registration period is on 29 Jan from 0500HRS to 2359HRS GMT+7. Once all 12 members of the team click "Confirm", the team leader will be able to register the team.
  • Registered teams will be ranked according to their combined points from each team members' 6V6 performance from last season. The top 64 teams are eligible to participate in the Tournament.

3. Tournament Rules

  • The first round will start at 1930HRS GMT+7 on Saturday. From 1915HRS - 1930HRS, 15mins before the match start, the team leader must click [Start Matching] to confirm participation. The team that does not [Start Matching] within this period will forfeit.
  • Matching cannot occur when there are team members who are not on the registered team list, when there are offline members in the team, or when there are less than 7 people in the team.
  • The Tournament follows a single-elimination match system. Of the 64 teams, a champion will be determined after 6 rounds of matches. The final round's losing team will be considered the runner-up, while teams who lost in the penultimate round will be tied for third place.
  • Refinement +15, Aesir monument, guild prayer, and other similar bonuses will be disabled in Tournament mode. Details can be viewed in-game.

4. Rewards

  • Post Tournament, the top 32 teams can get new special skill effects. After using the corresponding items, they can be accessed in the transformation interface.
  • Teams ranked 1st to 32nd place will receive exclusive headwear rewards.
  • First season headwear rewards:
    • Champion: Back Equipment: Valkyrie’s Praise - Legend
      • Equipped Stats: All attributes +2, Physical Penetration +5%, Magic Penetration +5%
      • Deposit Stats: Max HP +90
    • 2nd - 8th place: Back Equipment: Valkyrie’s Praise - Honor
      • Equipped Stats: All attributes +2, Auto Attack Damage +4%, Skill Damage +4%
      • Deposit Stats: Max HP +60
    • * 9th - 32nd place: Back Equipment: Valkyrie’s Praise - Fearless
      • Wearable attributes: All attributes +1, Physical Damage +4%, Magic Damage +4%
      • Deposit Stats: Max HP +60
  • Special skill effects rewards in the first season:
    • Epiclesis, Sky Breaking Dragon Fist, Photon Cannon, Hell Plant, The Death Awakens, Divine Protection, Tetra Vortex, Earth Field, Poisonous Smoke, Magic Trap, Star Arrows, Severe Rainstorm, Cart Tornado, Tuna Party

Content Update

  • The background music for the login screen will be changed.


  • Prontera’s Christmas scene will be removed
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