19 Apr 2021 Patch Notes

19 April, 2021 SEA server will be suspended for maintenance at 1100 HRS - 1800 HRS, GMT+7


Holy Ground War

1. 2nd season of Holy Ground War [Season Mode] will be opened

- Arena - Holy Ground War Season 2 will commence. After forming a 12-person team with teammates at level 100 and above, a leader can begin matching operations. If there aren't enough teammates, other players will be randomly matched to form a 12-person team

- Holy Ground War Season 2 will start on 8 May and will last 3 weeks. Season mode matching will be available every Saturday from 1200 HRS to 0000 HRS.

2. Equipment Adjustment

- New items: Thorny Breastplate Lv.1~Lv.3 (Price: 36/54/180 Gold Coins), Windwalk Boots Lv.1~Lv.3 (Sell Price: 35/50/70 Gold Coins), Mighty Pendant Lv.1~Lv.3 (Selling price: 45/90/135 Gold Coins)

* Thorny Breastplate: Reflects 5%/10%/20% physical damage

* Windwalk Boots: Movement speed +20%/30%/40%, but the upper limit of speed is limited to 240%

* Mighty Pendant: Increases damage of the next attack by 30%/60%/100% every 10 seconds

* New consumable item Instant Potion: restore all SP after use (price: 15 Gold Coins, cooldown: 30 seconds)

* Sage Vision's price has been adjusted from 108/180/288 Gold Coins to 108/150/258 Gold Coins

* Guardian Lens's price has been adjusted from 64/168/272 Gold Coins to 64/128/216 Gold Coins

3. Season Mode goal adjustment

* Removed Destroy Defense Tower and Vanquish Morroc mission objectives

* Slay 50 Minions is changed to Slay 80 Minions, and the reward is changed from Bishop Emblem x10 to Bishop Emblem x20

* Buy items 5 times and Resurrect Players 6 Times rewards will be adjusted from Bishop's Emblem x20 to Bishop's Emblem x10

* Slay 5 MVPs and Kill Opponent 12 Times rewards will be adjusted from Bishop's Emblem x10 to Bishop's Emblem x15


Adventure Log

1. Launch of the new Adventure Book

Memory of Faith server will launch Brilliant Realm Adventure Book on April 19th, 2021, 1900 HRS. Please complete them before July 30th, 2021, 1700 HRS

- Adventurers may complete daily assistant tasks, obtaining the experience required to level up the adventure book and unlock the reward

- The Adventure Book is divided into general rewards, advanced rewards, and collection rewards. Adventurers can advance the Adventure Book through your Assistant or in the reward interface.


Content Update

1. Optimizing Dragon Bone and Incantation Samurai loots

- The basic chest reward after killing Dragon Bone and Incantation Samurai is unchanged, like Wicked Dragon's Jade Chest and Fallen Samurai Jade Chest

- The dropped Zeny and material rewards will be changed to Adventurer Elite Chest, capped at 10 per week per adventure.

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