Patch Notes for 23 Dec

23 December 2020 SEA Server Maintenance (1100 – 1800HRS) GMT +7

Mechanics Adjustments
Time to respawn will increase with each successive death.
Gold, exp and resources minions yield will increase with the number of Adventurers in range. For each Adventurer in range, the total increases by 10%, capped at 30%.
Adventurers who are killed and waiting to respawn can still get gold coins and experience from the team’s progress against Morroc and enemy defense towers.
MVP and Morroc’s damage reduction will increase over time.
Defensive towers will now reveal invisible (Hiding) units within 8m range.
Adjustments made to jungle zone near the base:
Initial spawn time increased from 30 sec to 60sec.
MVP(s) above and below Morroc: Initial spawn time increase from 60 sec to 90 sec.

Equipment Adjustments
New Items Added:

Magic Hourglass Lv.1~Lv.4(Selling Price: 40/70/100/150 Gold)
Corrupted Bow Lv.1~Lv.4(Selling Price: 30/60/90/120 Gold)
Magic Hourglass : Recover 15%/30%/50%/100% maximum SP every 10 sec
Corrupted Bow:Reduce target’s physical damage reduction, magic damage reduction and healing bonus by 15%/30%/45%/60% for 5 sec.
Personal Guard Long sword: Buffs damage to monsters from 10%/30%/50%/70% to 20%/60%/100%/150%
Storm Vortex: Effect changed from “Auto Attacks have 10%/25%/40% chance to cast chain lightning” to “Magic attacks have 10%/25%/40% chance to cast chain lightning”
Energy Stone: Effect changed from “Every skill deals (physical attack+magical attack) *10%/30%/50% true damage” to “Target loses (physical attack + magical attack + target’s current HP*3%)*10%/30%/50% HP”

Consumable Adjustments
Overstep Wine Glass:

Purchase cooldown time increased from 40 sec to 120 sec.
Purchase price increase from 10 Gold to 20 Gold.

Saint Cross:

Restoration Effect decreases from “10% Max Health” to “3% Max Health”.
Purchase cooldown time increased from 60 sec to 120 sec.
Purchase price increase from 16 Gold to 24 Gold.

Maintenance equipment:

Effect Changed from “Restores Defense Tower HP by 1% every second for 20 sec” to ” Make Defense Tower Invincible for 5 sec.”
Purchase Cooldown time increase from 100 sec to 180 sec.


Purchase Cooldown time decreased from 120 sec to 90 sec.

Crown of Thorns:

Increased attack speed of minions and siege vehicle and attack range from 6m to 10m.

Ghost Hand:

Effect Changed from “a specific enemy” to ” an enemy within 3m range”.
Purchase price increase from 20 gold to 36 gold.

UI Adjustments
Improved Battle Information on Interface. Adventurer’s class is now displayed alongside Nickname on the scoreboard.
Added player icons that can be toggled between teammate or enemy icons

Other Adjustments
Nerfed defense Tower’s HP.
Increased player and minion damage to tower.
Decreased crystal/base’s damage.
Nerf Rogue class:
Rogue skill Strip Accessory, Strip Shield cannot be used on minions now.
Reduce minions’ resistance towards Abnormal Status.

Izlude Map now has 2.5 and 3D views enabled.
Moonlake side quest level adjusted to 105
Improved party system:
Whenever party is left with 1 player, party will not auto-disband.
Added new NPC Bard in Pursuit of Memory – Clitia to Amatsu.
Talk to this NPC to explore the story of Rainbow Fall
Prontera updated with Christmas decor.

Fixed Thanatos Tower notifications not appearing on Assistant Interface.
Fixed Main Quest “Enter the Sealed Room” and Missing NPC issue.
Fixed issue in which mercenary cat and pet damage did not consume combat time.
Fixed an issue in which Suffragium will cast indefinitely on auto-attack
Fixed problem with Rift dungeon, with instant clear not unlocking despite being cleared.
Fixed: Manhole stops ensemble issue. Manhole can now remove Illusion Puppet ‘s ensemble while being unable to remove Bard Dancer‘s duo ensemble
Fixed issue in which Enchant Deadly Poison cast time is 40 sec (Now 120 sec).
Fixed issue in which Berserk Breath Rune Hit rate bonus did not take effect.
Fixed Endless Tower displaying wrong floor on mini-map
Fixed issue in which total contribution points in backpack did not include Contribution – Lock
Fixed inability to equip skill Ruwach on Prepare for Elite
Fixed issue with acceptance of Faith and Fate quests.

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